Mosaic is where adult singles can find friends and begin to experience authentic community. The purpose of Mosaic is to create a fun, friendly, environment where singles can connect and get to know one another, while engaging in topics relevant to their lives. Events are planned to allow a time for people to connect and create a community of friends. 

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Mosaic Myths

The lyrics of “Glory to God Forever” are being sung from the stage. Pastor Tim sits in the audience waiting to give a message on Intimacy with God. The crowd is standing, singing worship songs. The reader probably assumes that a Sunday morning service is being described… right?

Nope. This isn’t the scene from a Sunday morning. This was the setting of the Mosaic Fall Series kick-off a few Sunday nights ago. As you can see, it’s actually very much like a mini weekend service - only geared towards singles, and with the added bonus of free food! Delicious food, I might add.