crcKIDZ New Check-in System

We're starting something new!

We are very excited to be starting something brand new at Chestnut Ridge Church! Beginning July 20th, we will be implementing a new church-wide database system called Church Community Builder, or CCB. CCB is a communication tool that allows you to interact more directly with the church and with one another, as well as keep up- to-date with the latest happenings in and around the church.

kidSTART July

Hello, First Look Friends!

Have you asked your preschoolers how awesome their Clubhouse Pirate Adventure is going? Are they having an amazing time learning that the Bible is better than gold?

This month as we continue to find treasures in the Bible, our preschoolers will learn they can talk to God any time, that God wants them to share their stuff, and that Jesus wants to be their friend forever. The final week of our adventure is review week, where they can fill out their own pirate map with all the symbols they’ve discovered along the way.

First Look Preview: Clubh

SummerRidge 2014 Recap

SummerRidge 2014 Group Picture

During the weekend of June 27-29, 44 middle school students and volunteers went to Camp Deep Creek for some time away from our normal every day routines. We took time out of our every day lives to just BE with God.

Friday night we kicked things off by learning that being with God isn't boring. From playing games, to finger painting, to star gazing, we experienced God in a child like way that many of us had forgotten long ago.


Hello, kidSTART Friends!

Or, should we say: “Ahoy, mateys!” Are you ready for the Clubhouse Pirate Adventure? We are so excited about these next two months where your preschoolers are going to learn that the Bible is better than gold. Each week will introduce preschoolers to a different snippet of truth from God’s Word and unpack what that means to them.

First Look Preview: Clubh

Walker Family Tribute

If you've been around CRC for long, you more than likely know at least the names of Bill and Wendy Walker. What you might not know is that for the past 20 years, Bill and Wendy have dedicated much of their lives to helping build Chestnut Ridge into the church it is today. Bill and Wendy recently decided they were ready for a change - of scenery, of weather, of life. They are beginning a new chapter of their lives in sunny California. They will be greatly missed. Watch this tribute...

Walker Family Tribute

June & July= Friendship!

Friendship is treating others the way you want to be treated. Each week, we'll take a look at a "one another' principle that gives us a framework for loving others the way God loved us. Because these verses are short, we suggest that you take this summer to memorize each one. If a child memorize the verse from that week and comes back the next week and can recite it they will receive a guitar pick necklace. Each week they will have a chance to earn a different pick! 

252 Preview: Harmony (Jun

Amanda's Story

Here's another amazing story of life change - Amanda's baptism story from a few weeks ago. Watch as Amanda tells the story of her faith journey. 

Stephanie's Story

We love sharing stories of life change. One way we do this is through baptism. Watch Stephanie talk about her faith journey as she prepares to be baptized at CRC a few weeks ago. 

kidSTART - May

Hello, kidSTART Friends!

“My God will meet all my needs,” (Phillipians 4:19, NIrV). What a powerful thought. God will meet all our needs. Notice the verse says needs and not wants. That’s hard for adults to remember, even more for preschoolers. So this month, we will talk about our basic needs and stories where God provided.

First Look Preview: I Nee

May = Endurance

ENDURANCE is sticking with what you started even when it gets tough. When work gets tough, when exhaustion sets in on the soccer field, or when that science project just won’t come together, endurance is what gives us that extra something to keep us going until we finish what we began.

252 Preview: Breakthrough